As a graduate student finishing at George Mason University, I didn’t understand how daunting getting a job would be.  I thought my resume worked great and I would find a job easily.  After months of searching, I couldn’t figure out why I had not received any company interest or gotten any calls and that’s when I found The Maultsby Way.

Evelyn coached me through how to write my resume in a way that it highlighted my experience and was tailored to the industry and companies I wanted to attract. Then, most importantly, after I re-wrote it, she taught me how to use the resume to my advantage when interviewing.

After about two weeks of using TMW strategies, I landed a dream job with a company that I have now been with for two years.  I am considered a valuable asset, have been promoted 3 times and have directly responsibility for managing a group of people.

Recent Graduate Student Experience

I was in my late 20’s when I learned about Evelyn and The Maultsby Way (TMW).

I had worked several jobs but none of them seem to be the right “fit” for me.  I wanted to find another job but didn’t want to keep having the same issue.

Working with Evelyn helped me confirm that I did have a great skill set and well-rounded experience.  The issue, however, was that during my interviews I did not know how to present myself and my background in a way that made sense for companies to fully understand what strengths I would bring to the table if hired.  Once she taught me how to master this skill, I did better in my interviews and eventually got hired into a role that was perfect fit for me.

Mid-Career STEM Professional

I was fortunate enough to meet Evelyn and learn about The Maultsby Way during my last year in graduate school after retiring as a Navy Submariner.

I was still finding my way and the prospect of my experiences not translating well into a civilian job in corporate America  had not occurred to me because my interaction in that world was limited.

Over the course of several coaching meetings, Evelyn taught me how to translate and talk about my highly sought-after leadership experience in a way that made sense to non-Veterans.

I felt more confident during my interviews and landed a job, in my chosen career, much faster than expected.  Evelyn’s experience and thoroughness are unrivaled and I highly recommend The Maultsby Way to any service member trying to find their way back into the civilian world in a role that suits them.

Navy Veteran Transitioning to Civilian (non-Government) Work

Evelyn has honed a process that brings the understanding of your personal and professional capability into sharp focus. The kind of focus one needs to determine desires for a professional future, elevate a plateaued career and position oneself to seize new opportunities.

The Maultsby Way process solves the fundamental problems careerists face: who am I professionally, what am I really looking for in the long term, what’s different about me that can help with how I’m positioned and how do I communicate all of those things to firms looking to hire people like me.

If you invest yourself in the process and trust Evelyn’s intuition and coaching, you will achieve the results you are looking for – period.

Joseph T. , Financial Services Executive

Standing out in a positive light amongst an ambitious workforce was a continual challenge for me. I wanted to do a good job, be recognized as a leader and a team player yet receive increased responsibility and contribute to my company’s long term growth. I loved the job I had but just wanted to improve how I performed and related to others while doing it.

Evelyn applied her expertise in a unique way to help me brainstorm talking points for milestone meetings and feel empowered to ask for what I wanted without being viewed as demanding or self-serving. Her perspective as a human resources professional paired with her management experience allowed me to see the 360-degree view of the situation and develop an effective personal approach.

Her insight allowed to me attain what I wanted in that role and has shaped my ongoing path to success.”

Samantha J., Business Consulting Professional

For several years, I wasn’t able to fully articulate what it was I wanted to do, nor what type of career I saw myself succeeding in. After five months of working with Evelyn, I was able to walk into any situation and have a conversation about who I was, where I have been, and where I want to be down the road in five, ten, or even fifteen years.

Thanks to the written and video assignments I was better able to showcase my skills and articulate who I was and what I wanted out of a job. I found a level of confidence on a professional level that wasn’t there before. I knew that I had something to offer to companies, and I was not only able to show it on paper but was also able to have a conversation.

Thanks to the tools, resources and newly adopted skills I was able to fully communicate who I was on a professional level and what I wanted in a career.

Lindsay S.,  Marketing Professional