Read about the experiences of recent clients where success stories unfolded, and aspirations became a reality.

Our clients’ testimonials are a testament to the transformative power of partnering with us to navigate the intricate pathways of professional and personal growth. At Maultsby Way, we pride ourselves on not just coaching, but on fostering a dynamic experience that empowers individuals to Envision, Strategize, and Grow.

Whether at the beginning of your career, contemplating a major transition, or striving for executive excellence, our tailored approach ensures that you can achieve your goals, no matter your current phase of life. Discover the inspiring narratives of those who have traversed this transformative journey with us and witness how Maultsby Way becomes the catalyst for their success.

Having worked at my company for five years, I was blindsided when I got laid off. I didn’t understand how daunting it would be to get a job in a tough job market.  I thought my resume worked great & I would find a job quickly.  After months of searching, I couldn’t figure out why I had not received any company interest or gotten any calls. That’s when I found The Maultsby Way.  Evelyn coached me through how to write my resume in a way that it highlighted my experience and was tailored to the industry and companies I wanted to attract. Most importantly, after I re-wrote it, she taught me how to use the resume to my advantage when interviewing.  After about two weeks of using TMW strategies, I landed a dream job with a company I have now been with for two years.  I am considered a valuable asset, have been promoted 3 times, and have direct responsibility for managing a group of people.

I was in my late 20s when I learned about the Maultsby Way. I had worked several jobs, but none seemed to be the right “fit” for me.  I wanted to find another job but didn’t want to keep having the same issue.  Working with Evelyn helped me confirm that I did have a great skill set & well-rounded experience. The issue, however, was that during my interviews, I did not know how to talk about myself & my background in an easy-to-understand manner so that companies could fully understand the strengths I would bring to the table if hired.  Once she taught me how to master this skill, I did better in my interviews and eventually got hired into a role that was a perfect “fit” for me.

I was fortunate enough to meet Evelyn & The Maultsby Way after retiring as a Navy Submariner. Because my corporate work exposure was nonexistent, it never occurred to me that the way I had written my resume to showcase my military experiences & accomplishments was not “translating well” into the recruiting process for corporate America. Over the course of several coaching meetings, Evelyn taught me how to translate and talk about my highly sought-after leadership experience in a way that made sense to non-veterans.  As a result, I felt more confident during my interviews and landed a job, in my chosen career, much faster than expected.  Evelyn’s experience and thoroughness are unrivaled and I highly recommend her to any service member trying to find their way back into the civilian world in a role that suits them.

I reached out to Evelyn after hearing some good professional tips in a clubhouse app chat. She made time to connect and let me tell you those 30 mins were mind blowing. She gave me career strategies that will definitely unlock some doors for my trajectory. If you’re looking for more career clarity don’t hesitate to reach out to her!

I’ve worked with Evelyn as a resume review client, and I’m thrilled with the results! I had specific areas of concern with resume revisions and analysis of job descriptions. Evelyn checked everything off my list and even shed light on related areas that would benefit me long-term. She is professional, personable, effective and wonderful to collaborate with!  I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Evelyn provided excellent career advice as my career coach in business school.  I found her structured approach immensely beneficial for furthering my professional development. Additionally, it was always a pleasure to speak with Evelyn because she has a positive and upbeat attitude. I would highly recommend Evelyn for positions related to professional development, job search, and mentorship.

She wasted no time in reaching out to me and scheduling our first sit-down meeting. During our one-on-one sessions, she provided me with the foundation for applying for and securing a job. Things like helping me perfect my resume, giving me valuable networking advice and offering useful interview tips are some factors that ultimately led me to landing my first job. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Evelyn Maultsby-Bynum as a career coach. As a dedicated and knowledgeable individual and an all-around great person, I know that she will be a beneficial help to anyone looking to move forward in their career field.

Prior to meeting Coach Evelyn, I was very discouraged about how I would find employment, especially with the current state of the world. I can honestly say, after being coached by her, I am confident I have the right tools to matriculate further down my career path. Along with her undeniable talent, she was always an absolute joy to work with. Coach Evelyn truly cares about her clients’ progression, which was clearly reflected in her dedication to getting me on the right path to success.

I would recommend Evelyn to anyone looking for a career coach, and cannot thank her enough for her services.  She was instrumental in the process of landing my job by helping me prepare for interviews, network efficiently, and giving me the right tools and resources necessary to find relevant employment opportunities. Evelyn also aided in fine-tuning my resume, making sure it was impactful and pertinent to applied jobs.

As a retired veteran transitioning to civilian work, I used a couple of organizations to help build my resume, but they left me feeling the resume did not correctly convey who I am and what I am about.  Fortunately, I recently received help from Evelyn to fix these issues. Evelyn took the time to learn about me and my goals, then worked on analyzing my military accomplishments and translating them into language any business could comprehend. What I appreciate most is that she took the time to teach me how to correctly write the resume, which I know will go a long way to helping me adjust it to a specific job in the future. Ultimately, Evelyn constructed a very professional and concise resume for me that was ready to submit for job applications. More importantly, she boosted my confidence in competing as a candidate in a tough job market.

I highly recommend Evelyn’s services. She has extensive knowledge of her industry and is passionate, encouraging, and strategic in the way she goes about helping her clients. After I worked with Evelyn I felt confident and ready to make my mark in my desired career path.

She helped me to better understand how to best present myself and land roles in the fields I want. She has also helped me by going out of the way many times to make sure that I get all the required resources and give my best. I would highly recommend her as a career consultant for young professionals, business coach or as someone to follow through the internet networking community.

Having never before worked with a career coach, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t anticipate how much I would come to rely on Evelyn as a source of support and guidance. I enjoyed Evelyn’s no-nonsense approach. She quickly established that I could trust her to provide honest, concrete feedback and clear, well-researched suggestions.

She is a great listener, and she has an intuition for sensing when a person is getting lost in their own thoughts. She knows exactly when to say, “Okay, let me stop you for a moment,” to clarify she understands a point or to ask insightful questions. Evelyn builds momentum in conversations, and I got immense value from my sessions with her. She remembered details of previous chats, and over time I felt she became as invested in my journey as I was.

She offered unexpected ideas and approaches, often creating “ah ha!” moments for me. I was impressed with her breadth of knowledge.
I recommend Evelyn to anyone going through a career transition or just questioning their professional direction. Her professionalism, clear communication style, and bias toward action will get you moving down the right path quickly.

I found her smart, capable and easy to work with.  went out of her way to tailor her services to my exact need and was extremely flexible working within my timelines and needs.

Evelyn accelerated the transformation of this event from a difficult time into an opportunity for transition into a new role and new purpose. Her
coaching on answering questions I might face in making this change not only prepared me for difficult conversations but helped me gain confidence that I was on the right track.

I have always believed people come into your life for a reason/purpose. This was definitely the case with Evelyn.  Almost immediately, I felt comfortable sharing the ups and downs of the job search process — this is often difficult to do when all of your conversations are held virtually… I will be forever grateful for the insight Evelyn shared during our conversations. She is an empathic listener, provided a myriad of resources and tools in support of my job search, she understood the complexities of my field of study (Talent Management), and offered keen career advice which proved invaluable. Through Evelyn’s guidance, I felt confident that I was placing my “best foot forward” in my approach and in the process towards finding my next great career opportunity. Thank you, Evelyn…I shall forever be grateful for your support, guidance and counsel.

She took an interest in every aspect of my job hunt, offering advice & helping me to think outside of the box on occasion. She is very personable and easy to talk to, which is essential for a career coach. I appreciated all her help and recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in their own career path.

She always had a great, positive attitude and consistently tried to find new ways to help me in my job search.The thing I take away most from working with Evelyn is her knowledge of networking and how to present the best part of myself so that my skills and my personality shines.