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Monday’s Motivation

On the first day of Women’s History Month. I’ll be thinking about all the trailblazers of the past & present upon whose shoulders I stand and keep working towards fostering positive change where I can. What special trailblazer you are remembering today? #motivation #leadership #gratitude  

Friday’s Focus – Follow Up

It’s lunchtime on Friday, who have you connected with today? One of the biggest networking mistakes you can make is getting so caught up in the action of meeting people that you forget to follow up with them later. Reaching out to connect with someone shortly after you’ve met them solidifies your reputation as a […]

“WOWing” on Wednesdays – Tips On Making An Impact!

Personalized Thank You’s One of my firm beliefs is that interviews are not strictly tense Q&A sessions, but rather friendly and relaxed conversations where interviewers and candidates get know one another.  Sometimes interviews follow the standard process where they ask you all the questions first and then you get to turn the tables on them.  […]